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Cisco Meraki Solutions

To protect your employees, guests, and customers of your small business, you need to provide a safe environment. Cisco can help you keep an eye on your small business.

Cisco Meraki MV smart cameras go beyond simple security with built-in intelligence and motion-detection analytics to give you the information you need to keep everyone safe. The cameras connect wirelessly and can alert employees about unusual activity so your staff can quickly collaborate to solve problems.

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Workplace Monitoring(1.10min)


Connect, Assess, & Use Information

With a smart camera, the ability to detect people becomes more accurate over time thanks to machine learning. Analytics features are anonymized to ensure privacy, yet give you information so you can answer questions such as:

  • How many people are in a given area and how close are they to each other?

  • How do they typically move through the space and who do they talk to?

  • What are they doing? Touching? Looking at?

Using an open API, you can connect the smart cameras to other applications and receive alerts. For example, alerts can be directed to certain employees, who can use messaging, calling, or videoconferencing to collaborate and resolve problems.

Monitor Your Business

Start with a Smart Camera

All security cameras aren’t created equal. When you add intelligence into a camera, it can do a lot more than just record video.

Look for a camera with built-in intelligence that can detect:

  • People so you can see who is in your establishment and how long they stay in a certain area

  • Motion with heat maps so you can see traffic patterns and determine the locations where people congregate

Meraki MV Smart Cameras Demo(5.48min)

Access Video & Analytics in the Cloud

Smart cameras can provide powerful business intelligence because everything is either in the camera itself or in the cloud. Using your browser, you can log into a dashboard to:

  • View video quickly with motion recap, which summarizes activity into a single image, so you don’t have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant video to get answers

  • Set up and manage your cameras, and find, export, and share footage quickly and easily

  • Access the person detection and motion-sensitive analytics

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