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Need to wire an office?

Want to install a new or expand an existing computer or phone network?

Whether you are considering deploying a new or upgrading a current computer or phone network, ConsultCity can complete the necessary on-site wiring and installation.


  • We can stress test your network using state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure optimal performance at the highest possible bandwidth

  • We can install network hardware: Access points, switches, PBX, etc.

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Network Cabling

ConsultCity can install and maintain network cabling systems for your office or home.

  • Structured standards based(TIA 568/IEEE - Cat 5e, 6(a), 10, etc. ) Fiber optic(Multi-Mode/Single-Mode ) & copper data/voice cabling for 1Gb, 10Gb and higher bit rates

  • Label the wire plant to meet ANSI TIA 606-B Cable Labeling Standards

  • Building riser cabling/Coaxial Cabling(TV/MoCA/Satellite)

  • Data center/Network Room cabling

  • Above Ceiling Cable Tray System: Either basket tray or ladder rack

  • Enclosed Cabinets/Relay Racks for data & telecom equipment, Patch Panels

  • Vertical & Horizontal Wire Management

  • Removal of Abandoned Cables per National Electric Code

  • Site surveys and documentation( cable locations, pathway, patch panels, faceplates, and redundant power information)

Give Us a Call and Let Us Help You!

(703) 752-1100 | info@consultcity.com

ISP & Legacy Telecom Wiring

  • T1, T3, ISP Circuits

  • Fiber optic ISP Circuits

  • ISDN PRI/BRI Multiple phone lines

  • Extending DMARC for Telco and internet service provider circuits