Desktop & Server Solutions

Do you know that in some instances the top-of-the-line computer system may not be the best solution for your company's computing needs?

Many companies are faced with the tremendous task of managing their workstations and servers without the necessary in-house information technology staff.

ConsultCity International can be an extension of your team, working on-site with your personnel and providing one-on-one guidance and support.

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Windows Server Solutions

Rely on Windows Server to stay in step with today's rapidly changing business needs. Maximize your existing technology and infrastructure investments while empowering your remote workforce and strengthening security.

Whatever the size of your business, Windows Servers can help you modernize your IT while minding your IT budget.

  • Enable the Remote Workplace

Empower employees to work effectively from places that are convenient and safe for them.

  • Modernize Your Server Infrastructure

Unlock new capabilities and grow your business with scalable and high-performance software-defined storage and networking

  • Elevate Your Security Standing

Protect data and apps at every level of your business, starting with the operating system.

  • Boost Your Business with Hybrid Capabilities

Maximize your existing investments and gain modern capabilities with Microsoft Azure services.

Dell Solutions

Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Solutions

The new PowerEdge server portfolio is built to power your innovation engine to meet the challenges of digital transformation with a secure infrastructure that supports a full range of modern workloads and objectives.

Paired with Dell EMC OpenManage and systems management solutions, PowerEdge servers deliver the productivity and performance you need to power your innovation. Together, they stop at nothing, so nothing’s in your way

The following are some of the innovations included in latest generation of PowerEdge servers

  • Intrinsic security: Proactive resilience is anchored by an immutable, silicon-based root of trust and enables security functions like end-to-end boot verification including UEFI Secure Boot Customization, trusted BIOS, firmware chain of trust, and verified OS bootloader.

  • Thoughtful cooling designs :

• Dell Multi-Vector Cooling 2.0 - advanced thermal design that streamlines airflow pathways for superior cooling

• Dell Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) is a new option that leverages the superior thermal capacity of water to remove heat more efficiently.

• Dell Leak Sense detection capability protects liquid cooled servers and is fully managed by the integrated Dell Remote Access controller (iDRAC).

  • Focus on acceleration: The new PowerEdge portfolio supports a complete stack of GPUs to optimize performance for the entire spectrum of workloads:

• High performance computing (HPC)

• Training and inferencing for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL)

• Data analytics

• Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and dense virtualization

  • New server connectivity standard for Ethernet : Dell Technologies was an integral member in defining a new form factor for Ethernet: OCP NIC 3.0, which will replace the Rack Network Daughter Card (rNDC) with an open, non-proprietary industry standard that provides the option of iDRAC Shared LOM and delivers better maximum adapter density.

  • Broader supportability for PSU: The latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge power supply units (PSUs) will introduce Mixed Mode support and an enhanced extended power range (EPR) that allows for higher powered configurations to take advantage of longer peak power periods.

Dell PowerEdge R650xs & R750xs Servers(1.59min)


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HPE Server Solutions

Selecting the Right Server

Choosing the right server begins with the workload. The number of processor cores and threads per core, along with the amount of memory and storage required by the workload will determine the number of virtual machines (VMs). You can then confidently choose your server based on its processor, memory, and storage capability.

Transforming IT

Businesses are transforming their IT environment by moving to a software‑defined infrastructure. This improves

  • Asset utilization through consolidation leveraging virtualization and containerization

  • Improving efficiencies and reducing costs through infrastructure automation

  • Building a Hybrid IT infrastructure to optimally address a range of workload and IT service delivery needs.

Virtualization is the dominant means to maximize efficiency, asset utilization, and agility in a Hybrid IT environment. In fact, server virtualization was the #1 planned infrastructure project for 2017. Analysts predict that 41% of new server shipments will be virtualized in 2020—up from 33% in 2015. and it’s no wonder—enterprises report savings of almost 20% from server virtualization.

HPE ProLiant servers

The intelligent compute platform for Hybrid Cloud that delivers unmatched workload optimization, security, and automation, all available as a service

How can the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus help you?

  • Small Office Deployment: Fast and easy network connectivity for a better customer experience

  • File & Backup: Share, store, and protect critical business files and data

  • Edge-to-cloud-to core: Easily connect remote and branch offices at the edge with the core data center via optional cloud service