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Looking for fast Internet access for all your end-users?

Connecting your network to the Internet provides you with the ability to access the World Wide Web, Email, and hosting of Web Servers. ConsultCity International can select the best Internet solution for your business based on the number of end-users, applications, and security requirements.

Do you need special access/build out to your location?

See special construction section below.

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Internet Access Services

Are you looking someone to demystify the complexity of the section process?

  • Define Internet access requirements

  • Research availability of desired technology such as Fiber Optic, Cable, Satellite, ISDN, xDSL, T1, etc.

  • Make provider recommendations: Verizon Business, Verizon Fios, Zayo, Comcast, COX, Starlink Satellite Wi-Fi, etc. See our solution page for provider details

  • Order, provision, and coordinate with ISP and Local Exchange Carrier(LEC) to effectively troubleshoot internet service delivery

  • Purchase, install, and configure routers: DNS & DHCP settings and configure routes(OSPF, BGP, etc.)

  • Configure networks with ISP requirements to gain Internet access

Special Construction

Do you need special access/build out to your location?

Directional boring, buried conduit or Arial drops can be install as needed.

  • Construction services for upgrading or new fiberoptic cabling installation

  • Fiber & Copper Installation

  • Splicing and Testing

  • Underground Installation

  • Aerial Network Construction

  • Manhole Breakouts and Conduit Extensions