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To make good decisions about safety and traffic flow, you need smart cameras that provide business intelligence. ConsultCity can install traditional CCTV Installation but we recommend the use of Intelligent Video Monitoring Solutions.

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Video System Installation Services

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(703) 752-1100 | info@consultcity.com

Smart Cameras with Built-in Intelligence

Do you need to keep an eye on everything in our workplace?

To protect your employees, guests, and customers of your small business, you need to provide a safe environment. Cisco can help you keep an eye on your small business.

A family of cameras for every deployment

  • Successful deployment in the box

  • Adjust optical and software settings remotely

  • Integrated, high-grade solid state storage

  • High definition recording

  • Advanced, mobile-grade processor on each camera

  • Range of models for multipurpose deployments

Meraki MV Cloud Managed Security Cameras(2.11min)

Installing the MV12(2.02min)

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(703) 752-1100 | info@consultcity.com

Meraki Camera admins and video walls(4.45min)

What Can ConsultCity Video Installation for You?

Follow the 5 step process...

  1. Select the appropriate camera for your need:

Video Monitoring Solutions are complex. Systems offering full property coverage 24x7x365, requires a network of compatible cameras, storage, cabling and power.

  • Are you placing them indoors or outdoors?

  • Is 1080P resolution enough?

  • Will they be able to see/record video efficiently in low-light conditions?

  • Are they placed with adequate field of vision?

  • Is a Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera be necessary?

2. Install compatible wire plant and selected cameras:

Structured cabling in the wall connecting your security cameras to the server or NVR will be a vital component during surveillance camera installation. Wireless security cameras are becoming popular, especially for home use, but wired security cameras are the norm.

  • Install coaxial wire plant for traditional CCTV

  • Install CAT 6x for IP cameras producing high resolution digital video with PoE capabilities

  • Install selected indoor/outdoor cameras

3. Choose the correct Video Storage solution for you:

Video storage is an essential element to any camera system.

  • Install and configure a traditional DVR system for traditional CCTV solutions

  • Install and configure Network Video Recorder(NVR) connected to the same IP network for modern CCTV solutions

  • Configure cloud based storage for IP/cloud-based camera systems to transfer all video directly to the cloud – without the need to store footage in on-site hardware

4. Setup Video monitoring & management station:

Smart cameras can provide powerful business intelligence because everything is either in the camera itself or in the cloud.

  • Configure browser based dashboard to manage and monitor cameras and video feeds

5. Training your users:

Businesses have used security cameras to deter crime but with intelligent cameras, you can gain insights to optimize work processes and increase safety in your business.

ConsultCity will train your users to:

  • Utilize Motion Heatmaps to display relative motion over time so you can see where the most activity is occurring

  • Use Object Detection to determine how many people are in an area and where they linger

  • Employ Onboard Analytics to gain a better understanding of traffic patterns, hot spots, and busy and free times

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(703) 752-1100 | info@consultcity.com